Our story

Our story

Welcome to Étoile Collective!

We're driven by one goal - to provide makeup artists and makeup lovers a one-stop shop for all their beauty room needs. 

Our range includes super sleek and premium acrylic makeup storage, makeup vanity mirrors, professional level lights and travel bags.

How did we start? From a young age, a girl by the name of Michelle became infatuated by makeup and found herself watching Youtube videos, following beauty hacks and using it as an artistic / creative outlet. She had so much makeup, she started to forget and misplace items constantly as they were spilling out of drawers and split between her bedroom and bathroom. Inspired by beautiful vanity spaces found on Pinterest, she wanted to build her dream vanity room where all her items had a home. After scourging the internet, she realised there was no one destination to make this a reality.

In November 2016, Étoile Collective was born. We are tight-knit team based in Melbourne and hoping to help create gorgeous vanities across the globe!

Stay up to date with us on Instagram where we aim to inspire you with beautiful vanity rooms.

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