Installation Instructions for Your Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror

Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror | Instructions

(1) Ensure the holes on the mirror and base are aligned. Install the bolts from the bottom of the base to the mirror

(2) Screw the bulbs into the sockets

(3) Plug in the mirror to switch enable LED panel

To turn ON and OFF: Hold the ON/OFF button until the blue backlit display screen is lit

To set time and date (note: can only be set when Bluetooth is off):

i. Pres the SET TIME button to adjust the time
ii. When the hour is blinking, adjust the digits by pushing the up and down buttons accordingly. Press SET TIME and the minute slot will blink. Once again, adjust the digits by pressing the up and down buttons. Once complete, press SET TIME again to toggle the Month and then the Day. Repeat process until all the digits stop blinking

Pairing Bluetooth device to activate speakers:

i. Press the Bluetooth button on the mirror. After 4-5 seconds, you will see a blinking “1-bt” screen followed by a sound indicating that Bluetooth is on and ready to be paired
ii. You are now ready to turn on Bluetooth on your device. Search for “CA3015C” for pairing and connect. A charm will sound after the devices are paired and the screen will stop blinking. You are all set to go!

Listening to playlist: To scroll through a playlist, press the UP and DOWN buttons

Volume: To adjust volume, press the VOLUME button. Once the volume sign on the display screen blinks, press the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust

Turning off Bluetooth: Hold the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds for Bluetooth to turn off

If pairing is unsuccessful, unplug the power cable and repeat steps i and ii of the pairing process. If you believe you have a faulty item, please contact us!